Today I reveal the three greatest NBA players of all time.

Some superstars only managed honourable mentions, while the likes of Larry Bird and Kobe Bryant couldn’t crack the top three.

So who’s in the top three, and who’s the greatest of all?

3. Kareem Abdul Jabbar
There have been four players in the centre position on this list. All hail the king of them all.

Kareem was the definition of an NBA Centre. He had the silky skills of Hakeem Olajuwon, the length of Wilt Chamberlain, the post dominance of Shaquille O’Neal, and the strong defensive prominence of Bill Russell.

After a very successful NCAA career, in which he won three NCAA Championships, along with three most outstanding NCAA Player of the Tournament awards, Jabbar went on to to the NBA.

To date, Kareem has the most MVP Awards of any player. He was lucky to play with some great point guards, then he teamed up Magic Johnson to create the ‘ShowTime’ Laker era.

He boasts an incredible six NBA MVP Awards, six NBA Championships, two NBA Finals MVP Awards, five All-NBA Defensive first Team selections, and a record nineteen All-Star appearances. He is also the all-time leading NBA point-scorer, a record that seems unreachable.

He was well known for his unguardable ‘Skyhook’ shot, a shot many players still seek his advice on to learn.

There is a strong argument he is the best ever, but for this list the mighty Kareem sits third.

2. Earvin ‘Magic’ Johnson
Earvin Johnson was the biggest and best point guard to ever play the game. Magic stood at an imposing 6 feet 9 inches – incredibly big for a point guard.

What set Magic apart from his opponents were his silky ball-handling skills, and his ball distributing prowess on the run.

Magic and Kareem headlined a dominant era for the Lakers. Magic could seemingly see any player on a fast break, and would hit you directly on the chest or with a sweet bounce pass.

He used his long body to also dominate and post up smaller opponents, developing a skyhook of his own, which he made famous in Kareem’s absence.

His greatest asset though was his ability to share with his teammates. He would lean to setting up teammates first, but also attack when it was necessary.

He holds an incredible five NBA Championship rings, three NBA Finals MVP awards, three NBA MVP awards and is a twelve-time All-Star.

There is an argument he could be number one, but knowing Magic’s humble demeanour, he would give it up for the player above him on this list.

1. Michael Jordan
MJ. Air Jordan. The Greatest. What else needs to be said about the best player in the NBA history?

If you think about the NBA or basketball in general, you think Michael Jordan. If you can beat a team of oversized aliens with Bugs Bunny as your most capable teammate, you must be the greatest of all time!

The ultimate competitor, and the ultimate professional, Michael Jordan’s accolades exceed every player. Arguably the greatest on-ball defender ever, he’s one of the best clutch performers of all time, and could take you inside and outside, and still bury right in your grill.

And of course he had great air-time, which made it look like he was floating.

He has done it all. Six time NBA Champion (out of six chances), six Finals MVP Awards, five NBA MVP, fourteen All-Star appearances, three All-Star Game MVPs, NBA Defensive Player of the Year, Rookie of the Year, Olympic gold medallist and a dunk champion.

Michael oozed confidence and skill, and dominated most opponents.

Known for his incredibly huge hands, Michael could palm a ball, which his coaches stated was an “unfair” advantage, as he could beat off the dribble, or ball-fake back to another planet.

He possessed a silky jump shot (possibly not the greatest), attacked the rim as strong as any three-guard, and would always take up a challenge.

It is easy to say Michael Jordan is the greatest player in the NBA history.

This list will always be up for debate, and I’m sure I’ve missed some formidable players, but my opinion has not been swayed by favouritism, or Kobe Bryant have been number one.

Let the debate begin!